Professional Goalie Developement Program

Ginger Ferrerasso, Goalie Coordinator

Under the direction of Ginger Ferrerasso, The Goalie Coordinator for the  season,  MYHA has chosen to contract with GERA Goaltending  for our Professional Goalie Development Program.  She has orchestrated a nine week program on Thursdays at 4:00 at Lynn Connery Rink. The program will consists of advanced training for our seasoned goalies as well as entry level training for emerging players, the weekly Mite and Squirt rotating players, and kids that just want to try the position before committing to it. During the off-season, the BoD has acquired equipment for entry level, weekly, and players that are testing the waters. GERA Goaltending has requested two shooters per level per session. They would like a rotation of shooters so that goalies can face a variety of talent. Therefore we are limiting shooters to two sessions. Click on the Signup Genius icon to register to be a shooter.

GERA Goaltending School

Mike Geragosian, one of the most experienced and technical goaltender coaches, has developed several professional players and college All-Stars. Presently, Mike is the Goalie Coach at Hockey East's Boston University and is Director of Goaltending for USA Hockey - MA. He consults goaltenders and coaches at all levels throughout the nation. In addition to his present affiliation with Boston University, Mike has also coached at Merrimack College, UMass Lowell, and Princeton University. He is a national consultant for professional, college, and USA Hockey. Mike has his Masters degree and has been an educator for over 25 years.

An All-East goaltender himself, Mike continues to produce the finest collegiate goaltenders in the country. Several of his protégé have become All-American goaltenders and have played at the professional level for Calgary, Winnipeg, Pittsburg and Buffalo.

Mike's hard work philosophy along with his personal teaching methods have developed several goaltenders playing at all levels. Mike instructs over 500 goaltenders annually. He has also been an asset to several college head coaches and professional scouts by recruiting goaltenders for their squads. Overall the U-Lowell "Hall of Famer" and ECAC record holder invites you to camp to learn all aspects of goaltending!


Mike Geragosian