Learn To Skate 


The Learn To Skate/Whack a Puck program is the building block for the future of the league. The goal is to teach kids to skate in a fun and supportive environment establishing a life long love of hockey. 

The winter program will run through February 19th. Sessions will be at Salem State on Sunday mornings at 8:30am.

You will be provided a MHD practice jersey at the first session. A full compliment of hockey gear is NOT required for the first few sessions however ALL (YES ALL) persons on the ice must wear a USA Hockey CERTIFIED helmet. MYHA requires that the kids wear some type of glove whether it be hockey gloves, or waterproof ski gloves. Gloves  obviously guard against ice and cold, however we require them to guard agains lacerations from inadvertently touching  a skate without  a skate guard. It is highly suggested to wear snow pants or hockey pants ,shin guards, and socks. Please note that hockey pants offer more cushion for falls and hockey socks are offer a huge advantage  in aiding a player to get up.   It is often thought that a skating apparatus is needed however your child will progress faster without it. Your call, but don't be surprised if the coach removes them from the ice after the first few sessions.

You will receive an Invite from Team Snap which is our scheduling and communication software. Please accept the invite and then download the app. Once the schedule is finalized, it will be posted there. One can communicate with the program director, Frank Hart, through  Team Snap as well.

Returning skaters will be moved down to the far end of the ice as they advance to the Whack-A-Puck program. This is more geared to skating and actually playing hockey so a full compliment of gear is needed. This includes:
USA Certified helment
Chest pads
Elbow pads
Shin pads
Hockey skates
Hockey pants and socks

The Sports Shop has some gear or you can find it at Pure Hockey in Danvers on Endicott St.

Coach Paul and Coach Alex

Alex and Paul Headshot

Co-directors, Paul Glasier and Alex Mundo, have extensive hockey backgrounds. Coach Alex has over 20 years of hockey experience and grew up through the Marblehead youth hockey program. Coach Paul, an Elizabeth Maine native, was an all-star at Southern Maine University has experience  coaching at all levels.