A Legacy of  Excellence and Sportsmanship Since 1958

What is now known as Marblehead Youth Hockey Association was formed in 1958 by Bud Orne and Collie Williams. Bud and Collie took a group of interested  kids and formed the first town league in Marblehead. At that time town teams for youth sports did not exist. Kids that wanted to play hockey had to play outside Marblehead. As seen in the picture below, in our first year the kids practiced stick handling in the bowling alley at the old YMCA on Pleasant Street.

The following season, 1959-1960, Bud and Collie purchased ice time at the only ice rink in the area, The Old Lynn Arena. There were a few practices on the ice, but most of the work was done on land.  The team couldn't play games or join an official league as none of the kids had helmets nor could afford to purchase them. The Marblehead Women's Club, a charitable organization in town that raised money  to local kids in need, donated 12 helmets so they could play games.

The Oldest Youth Hockey Exchange in North America

The Marblehead- St. Lambert Hockey Exchange is steeped in sportsmanship, camaraderie, and tradition. The origins of the exchange, conceptualized by Bud Orne and Bill Haskell,  date back to 1964 when the first tournament was played. Each year in November, teams from St. Lambert Canada travel to Marblehead for a 3 day tournament filled with multi-level events. In turn, the Marblehead squads travel to Canada in February. Events include games, a skills tournament, a rising stars mini game,  outdoor pond hockey, and a coaches game.The St. Lambert's Exchange is the highlight of each players hockey season as they are exposed to a different culture, an action packed weekend, and matched with a supportive billet family. Hockey is what brings the two towns together, but the relationships that have been formed are what has kept the tradition going for over 50 years.


Marblehead Youth Hockey First Hockey Team
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The mission of Marblehead Youth Hockey is to provide for the development of individual physical abilities, moral character through a program of organized competitive hockey; to foster the development of sportsmanship and team play. To provide, through a program of organized practices, games, and team play opportunities for the individuals to realize their potential and to develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility to themselves, their team, and their community.

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