Why Youth Hockey vs. Club Hockey

There are many advantages to playing town youth hockey vs. playing on a  traveling club hockey  team. If the town in which one lives has a strong program then the majority of players will be better served by staying in town. Many years ago, playing club hockey meant that you were an elite player. There is a lot of money to be made in club hockey so over the past 10 years there has been a tremendous uptick in club teams thus watering down the talent level. There are rare instances where club hockey can offer an advantage, but those cases are VERY rare.


  • Marblehead Youth Hockey has an equal time playing policy.
  • Work with coaches that are invested in the community.
  • Local practices at Salem State and Lynn vs. traveling over an hour to practice.
  • Focus on fundamental development vs.only  winning.
  • Youth hockey is considerably less expensive than club hockey.
  • Play with schoolmates and friends.
  • Opportunity to play in the St. Lambert Tournament.
  • The Valley Hockey League has parity rounds to find the correct level of play for each team.
  • Opportunity to play in local tournaments as a team.
  • Invest in the community that invests in you.
  • Develop lifelong parent and player friendships.
  • Ability to play on VHL All-star team in the NEHL league:   http://www.thenehl.com/